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Better Understand POF Shrink Film

Better Understand POF Shrink Film

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2017/12/12 16:50
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Product Introduction

POF shrink film is a multi-layer copolymer film, the main raw materials include LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), TPP (terpolymer polypropylene), PPC (binary copolymer polypropylene) and the necessary functional additives such as slippery agents, anti-blocking agents, antistatic agents and the like. These raw materials are environmentally friendly non-toxic materials.

POF is a heat-shrinkable film for packaging regular and irregularly shaped products, due to its non-toxic and environmentally friendly, high transparency, high shrinkage, good heat-sealing performance, high gloss, toughness, tear resistance, heat shrinkage are uniform and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging and other characteristics. It is the traditional PVC shrink film replacement product and widely used for shrink wrapping the plastic products, stationery, books, electronics, circuit boards, MP3, VCD, handicrafts, photo frames, and other wood products, toys, daily necessities, food, cosmetics, canned drinks, dairy products, medicines, cassettes, etc.

Advantage by using POF shrink film for packaging:

1. High transparent, high gloss, the perfect appearance of the product to make the product more attractive.

2. Super-toughness, ultra-soft, shrinkage up to 75%, are free to package any shape of the product to meet different product packaging.

3. High strength, good sealing performance, can be used for manual, semi-automatic, and high-speed automatic packaging machines.

4. Good cold resistance can remain flexible in a 50℃ without embrittlement, suitable for packaging in the cold ring under storage and transportation.