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• Making Bags

We installed the advanced bag making machines, we can make various film bags on your demands. If automatic sealing equipment is not available, we offer customized shrink bags for use in a suitable shrink tunnel.

• Micro Perforation (by cold needles)

We can provide you with pre-perforated film rolls so there is no need to perforate on your equipment. Our high standard perforation quality provides better quality packages and reduced costs. We provide regular perforation per customer order for all series of DMPACK films.

• Hot Perforation (by hot needles)

We provide hot needle perforation per customer orders. Hot perforated film is suitable for shrink wrapping of vegetables, eggs, breads, and other food packaging. It accelerates the air exchange between packed food and outside air, which will promote food freshness.

• Print

We are equipped with the international advanced multi-color automatic gravure printing machines, providing all types of shrink film printing services, including design and production. In the shrink film on the printing you can display in the sale of goods to create differentiation, so that promotional information more clearly and highlight the perfect solution to the anti-counterfeiting packaging products, information identification, image enhancement, reduce packaging costs and other problems, the collection packaging. The printed bar code can also be easily identified. Excellent printing design capabilities and accurate chromatography to ensure the most perfect printing and packaging effects!


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