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DMBSF Barrier Shrink Film

DMBSF Barrier Shrink Film

DMPACK's barrier shrink films are based on PA/PE or EVOH materials. They are available of different sizes for a wide range applications and packaging requirements. All DMPACK's shrink films have been tested by SGS according to REACH, FDA standards etc., and meet the regulations of contacting with foods.


1.  Red Meat, Poultry, Processed and Smoked Meat Packaging

       Moisture can be maintained to prevent the loss of fresh water and color from becoming darker.

        Can prevent fat from oxidation, decay and changing it's fresh color.

        Vacuum packaging and cold storage can improve the curing process of the meat, making the taste more juicy.

        To keep apart from oxygen to maintain the natural color of fresh meat for more long time.

2. Cheese Packaging

        The lower shrinkage temperature make it more suitable for products such as cheese which need the less temperature. It looks more attractive for the character of transparency and luster.

3. Seafood Packaging

        Oxygen can be blocked and inhibiting the propagation of aerobic bacteria. Vacuum-packed while storage at a low temperature ( below 4℃) can inhibit the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and barry the intrusion and breeding of external bacterial, which ensure the food healthy.