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Leading China POF Heat Shrink Film Industry

Leading China POF Heat Shrink Film Industry

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2020/03/10 08:00
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DMPACK TECH CO LTD is China's earlier entry POF heat shrink film one of the companies in the production area. Now has become one of the China's largest manufacturer of POF heat shrinkable film.

POF heat shrinkable film mainly used in various types of food, beverages, daily necessities, cosmetics, cultural and educational supplies, books, audio-visual products and other products of packaging, as well as all kinds of light and small products of the packaging.

With excellent production technology, the company is at the leading level in terms of product quality, finished product ratio, gross margin, etc. With the further development of the heat shrinkable film industry, it will usher in an industrial upgrade, with high quality, low cost, thin and light, Less contaminated products will be more recognized by the market. The company's high quality products will be more favored by the market.


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